Jude Lobe

Visual Artist

My artworks are predominately expressionistic. A respect for nature has been a continuous thread throughout my life and major inspiration in my work. Early on, I painted more representational renderings of the landscape, but more recently I am concentrating on evoking the emotion of the scene through brush strokes, color glazes, lines and using a rich palette suggested by the surroundings. My intention is for the painting to capture a fleeting moment, like the sun changing the landscape each second as it sets, offering a timeless remembrance that we all hold in our memory.

The idea of us not just being a part of nature, but connected in some way through a primordial web of energy intrigues me and feels calming. It makes such sense to me. How else can one explain how we feel the same awe when watching a sunset, or feel anguish when we see someone in pain, or get teary-eyed at a wedding. It’s these recognizable but intangible feelings and emotions that I want to convey in the paintings. Sometimes they will take the shape of a familiar scene, other times they may be exhibited as an abstract.

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